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My amazing St Croix Fishing Rod


I absolutely love my St Croix (Mojo Inshore) Fishing Rod! It is a 7′ rod with a medium heavy stiffness and a fast action. The medium heavy weight is for decent size fish. You never know how big of a fish you will catch in the Intra Coastal here in Florida. The fast action is for fast and powerful hook setting for those fish that are tough to set hooks on such as sheepshead with rows of human like teeth. Read the rest of this entry


My Pflueger Fishing Reel


This fishing reel is awesome. It is super smooth and powerful. It is made of high quality metals and 10 ball bearings. It pairs nicely with my St Croix Fishing Rod and the Power Pro Braided Fishing line I use. This reel really seems like it will last me many years of hard use in saltwater and catching those big fish.

I would recommend this reel to anyone that doesn’t want to break the bank too much on a reel. I have it rigged with 20lb Power Pro Braided Fishing Line with a fluorocarbon leader. Good luck in catching the big one.

Braid, Monofilament, Fluorocarbon fishing line. What’s the difference.

There are a few different fishing lines that can be used for different occasions. I think a lot of this is personal preference to the fishermen using the line. There are some facts and opinions from me that might help you choose the right line for the right situation. Hope this helps you choose the right line to catch your dinner or your trophy fish.

Monofilament fishing line Read the rest of this entry