2015 F-150 XLT


I recently purchased a 2015 F-150 XLT. These F-150’s have come a long way from the previous models. I have always loved Ford trucks but I was never a big fan of the Ford F-150’s till the new 2015’s came out. I have always liked the 250’s and 350’s. This truck is a really comfortable ride. I have had trucks in the past so I can compare it with them. It doesn’t feel like a truck when you drive it. The new Fords have an all aluminum body. The frame is steel but the body is aluminum. That shaves hundreds of pounds off the truck and you feel it in the ride. It definitely doesn’t have that heavy feel trucks have.

I have had the truck for about 6 months now. I average low to mid 20 MPG. Around town I get around 30 MPG. I haven’t towed anything heavy with it yet. It will tow 8,300 pounds and carry 2,200 lbs in the bed. That is impressive! This truck has a 2.7L, twin turbo 6 cylinder engine in it. It produces 325 HP with 375 ft lbs of torque at 3000 rpm. That is low rpms to get that amount of torque. Kinda like a diesel. It is very impressive with power.

The truck has a fun sport mode that you can use. It is on the gear shifter on the column. When you push it the truck drops down a gear or two and keeps the rpms high. Also when you brake, it down shifts faster then normal. It is impressive in sport mode. It goes from a truck to a sports car.

This truck has many options and it is middle of the road with the options. The Lariat model has some crazy features such as massaging seats and lane assist. If you drift out of your road lane it will gently nudge you back over in the lane. Crazy! There are a lot of other options I can’t think of but don’t care about because I can’t afford them, but the trucks can get really impressive. But who needs all that!? Lol. It is like anything. You get what you pay for…  I am very happy with all the options I have.

One of my favorite is the back up camera on it. It has a very clear screen and makes backing up to my boat a breeze. Once I get my flats boat it will help me a ton to back up to it. No more having someone stand behind me directing me back to hook the boat up and take it out. If you are looking at a new truck to pull a boat with or use as a work truck check out these new Fords. They are good on gas, powerful and comfortable. There is a reason they have been the number 1 selling truck in America for 39 years. This truck I bought is worth every penny. Thanks for reading. Time for me to get back out and do some fishing again!


About Nick

I am currently a fireman in Central Florida on the east coast. I have a lot of time off due to my work schedule and I fish every chance I get. I own a Gheenoe boat and fish Mosquito Lagoon area. I do not have a fishing business yet but that is my goal sometime in the near future. I hope to upgrade my boat to a flats boat soon. For now I just share my knowledge of fishing and pictures of the Intra Coastal in Florida. Thanks for checking out my site.

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