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The proper way to ice down your fresh catch


The number one best way to keep your fresh catch from spoiling is having a great cooler to start off with. If your cooler sucks then your ice is going to melt and your fish or whatever you have is going to go bad, and quick. Read the rest of this entry


Minn Kota Saltwater Trolling Motor


I fish in saltwater over on the Intra Coastal in Florida. I fish out of a small boat, more like an over sized canoe. Read the rest of this entry

About my Gheenoe, an Awesome Little Fishing Boat

Gheenoe Boat

Gheenoe NMZ

I have a 2013 Gheenoe NMZ. I use this boat to fish the back waters of The Intra Coastal in New Smyrna/Edgewater Florida. I run a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke with a manual jack plate to give it a couple extra inches of draft in those Skinny Florida back waters. Read the rest of this entry

Yamaha Outboard Motors are the Best Marine Motor!


I currently run a 2013 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke engine on my 15′ 4″ Gheeno (NMZ) boat. Read the rest of this entry