New Fishing Rod

I got a new fishing rod! It is a St Croix Avid Inshore Rod. They have had this model for many years but they just came out (about 2 weeks ago) with a new version of it. This rod is extremely sensitive to anything that touches the bait on the end of the hook. Paired with a braided (Fishing line talked about here) Power Pro fishing line, this rod is awesome!



It is a really pretty color and it has titanium guides on it. I only (as of right now) fish in saltwater so the corrosion proof titanium guides are a must. They also help to keep the weight down on the rod because titanium is super light.


This rod is a 7′ medium light rod with a fast action. It is a fairly skinny rod but is really strong and light because of the carbon they use in the rod.

This rod is definitely not an inexpensive rod but with the warranty they have on it (15 years) and what I have heard, never had to use it yet but St Croix has a customer service that is far more superior than a lot of other rod companies. They definitely stand behind their products. This is my dream fishing rod and it was well worth the money. It will hopefully be the last fishing rod I buy. Lol.

This rod I would say is for an experienced fisherman. If you have been fishing for a few years and are tired of buying cheap rod and reel combos once a year or once every year check out St Croix Rods. They have very good beginner rods (salt and freshwater) that start around $100. Those rods are very sensitive and strong and you will get many years out of them. (Check out my other St Croix Rod here ) If you fish a lot and have a little extra money to spend on a rod that will last, check out St Croix Rods. You won’t be disappointed! Until next time…. keep your rods bent!


About Nick

I am currently a fireman in Central Florida on the east coast. I have a lot of time off due to my work schedule and I fish every chance I get. I own a Gheenoe boat and fish Mosquito Lagoon area. I do not have a fishing business yet but that is my goal sometime in the near future. I hope to upgrade my boat to a flats boat soon. For now I just share my knowledge of fishing and pictures of the Intra Coastal in Florida. Thanks for checking out my site.

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