Fishing Knots

There are a ton of fishing knots out their that don’t need to be learned. There are a few important ones that are good to know that can save you time on the water, otherwise keep an app with knots handy on your phone for the knots that aren’t used much and are forgotten. Read the rest of this entry


The proper way to ice down your fresh catch


The number one best way to keep your fresh catch from spoiling is having a great cooler to start off with. If your cooler sucks then your ice is going to melt and your fish or whatever you have is going to go bad, and quick. Read the rest of this entry

Fishing trip


Went out fishing and caught 2 Sail Catfish and a Flounder. I fileted them and ate them. The flounder was 12″. Caught those fish on a D.O.A. shad tail with a jig head. The fish were very good eating. Weather was overcast for most of the day and hot. It is very hot this time of year here in Florida. There was a little bit of a breeze so it helped some. Thanks for reading.

Minn Kota Saltwater Trolling Motor


I fish in saltwater over on the Intra Coastal in Florida. I fish out of a small boat, more like an over sized canoe. Read the rest of this entry

My tackle box


Things in my tackle box

Things in my tackle box

I have many different things inside my tackle box as you can see. You never know what you might need while out on the water so you have to bring a little bit of everything. It is better to have too much and not need it then not have something and need it.

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Great day on the Intra Coastal!


Great day fishing on the Intra Coastal in Edgewater Florida. I caught a few Spotted Sea Trout. (with my D.O.A. Cal Shad baits talked about here) A couple were about a foot. One was 16″ and the other was 14″. Read the rest of this entry