Great day on the Intra Coastal!


Great day fishing on the Intra Coastal in Edgewater Florida. I caught a few Spotted Sea Trout. (with my D.O.A. Cal Shad baits talked about here) A couple were about a foot. One was 16″ and the other was 14″.
The 14″ one was just under slot size here in the “South East trout management zone” where I fish. I was only able to keep one due to size regulations. They have to be at least 15″ but under 20″. You can keep 4 fish per person and one of those can be over 20″.


I filet this guy up and ate him. It was really good! A really nice delicate white meat.


It was a hot day fishing. Temperatures were near 100° and water temps were around 90°. I kept fairly cool (if you can say that in this July heat in Florida) with a nice breeze and my Columbia fishing shirts. Those shirts are a must here in Florida in the summer months. All in all it was a fun day and saw a bunch of wildlife. Lots of birds, dolphin and Redfish. Hope to get back out soon.


About Nick

I am currently a fireman in Central Florida on the east coast. I have a lot of time off due to my work schedule and I fish every chance I get. I own a Gheenoe boat and fish Mosquito Lagoon area. I do not have a fishing business yet but that is my goal sometime in the near future. I hope to upgrade my boat to a flats boat soon. For now I just share my knowledge of fishing and pictures of the Intra Coastal in Florida. Thanks for checking out my site.

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